Planning & Consulting

Audio post starts well before the picture edit ends.
Sound at the concept phase makes immersive content.

Music & Sound Design

When our creative input meets the image.
Dialogue edit, Foley, Sounddesign & Music composition

Mixing & Deliveries

The final stage in our creative process. Making choices and delivering of final product.

Say hello to the dialog editor sounddesigner mixer foley artist composer in our collective.
No middle man, no confusion

About Us…

We gathered our friends in business in this dynamic collective.
Eliminating the middle-man enables us to work on a tight budget
without losing creative time on overhead cost.

Maximising creative time by automating repetitive tasks
and using individually optimised workspaces.


Team Member


Happy Clients

What we do…

Delivering top notch audio from Atmos 7.2.6 Feature film to Internet streaming content.
The more variation the better we dig it.


Finished Projects


Hours of Work

Last but not least…

New project you want to launch? Creative idea that get’s you thrilled?

Drop us a line and let us raise that bar together.

Get in touch

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